R.I... P! Sean Price.

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In 2004, Sean Price was talking to the crowd between songs during a show at the Lions Den (now defunct NYC venue). He joked about being the brokest rapper you know - until a kid in the crowd yelled "You're a rapper, you're rich!"

P had the DJ stop the beat. He then straight-up alienated him for 4 to 5 minutes. The crowd was snickering and/or feeling bad for the dumbass, and it went on until P eventually made him apologize - which he immediately did. So classic. 

Since his Heltah Skeltah releases 'Nocturnal' and 'Magnum Force,' Sean Price (Ruck) always brought a signature balance of hard bars, clever wordplay and hilarious punchlines over thoughtfully layered rhyme patterns. He was a true golden era legend, and a gem within the wide world of current-day indie-rap. 

"Ruck is an ape in his apex, fuck it, let’s play chess. Ruck is the rook, bitch. Straight up and down, side to side on some crook shit."

In addition to three solo albums, P dropped mixtape freestyles and guest verses on hundreds of established and lesser known artists' projects. On a seemingly weekly basis you could hear a new sixteen. Regardless of your familiarity with the other artists, you knew that if P made an appearance - at a bare minimum - 1 minute of the track would be fire.  Throughout his career, P continued to improve and evolve his style with experience - building a catalog of pure gold. 

P often rapped about his place in the industry, and the ups and downs of success. In today's world of what is "acceptable" hip-hop/rap, P got little to no mainstream love, BUT received huge love in the streets, "underground," blogs and any other place people with good taste in rap music congregate. 

"Consumers might cop, but I know that your ass trash. I don't do songs with Ras Kass. I do songs with wack ass rappers with fast cash."

The last time I saw him live was in 2010 at Santos Party House for his daughter's baby shower. The only acceptable entrance fee for this show was a baby gift. His favorite gift was the Decepticon socks brought by Steele from Smif-n-Wessun. So good. 

Sean P was, hands down, one of the most consistent rap artists over his 20+ year career. His rhymes were always hard as a motherfuhhh - but he always allowed his hilarity to shine through for a perfect balance. 

Since his early days bringing GOLD with Rock on Heltah Skeltah and other Boot Camp/Duck Down projects, to his three solo albums, and an endless number of solo tracks and freestyles - Sean Price AKA Big Ruck AKA Mandela P AKA Megasean AKA Godfather P AKA Wyclef Sean AKA Jesus Price AKA 'P!' never fell short. 

The epitome of rap. Pity the fool that's rappin after me and that's fact. 

It's sad that we can no longer rely on new P tracks to be guaranteed additions to our mixes and playlists. Thank god a whole day's worth is in the queue.  

Help out the Price family, AND yourself by copping P's upcoming project 'Songs in the Key of Price' directly from Duck Down. 


Sean Price: 03/17/72 - 08/08/15