Bien Conectao - 'Illmatic' Domino Table

Mandean Radio

Nas' Illmatic turned 20 on April 19th. To celebrate, we collaboed with the good people over at Bien Conectao with concepts and art for a custom handmade Illmatic-themed domino table. 

We removed all the text from the original double-exposed album cover, leaving the natural look and feel of the iconic image of a young Nas laid over the Queensbridge Houses. 

Simplicity was the key - all while striking a chord with anyone who owned and loved Illmatic on vinyl and/or cassette tape. We added special detailing: the cupholders are the original Columbia Records 12" vinyl sticker, and the racks are the side bindings of the original cassette tape jacket. 

Seethrumoney did his thing with the painting - creating the record-like appearance that plays off the cupholder art. HECHO A MANO UP IN HERE.

Nasty Nas in your area. Causin mass hysteria. 

Nasty Nas in your area. Causin mass hysteria. 

For more information on 'The Playable Art of the Domino Table' go to www.bienconectao.com. For AFM art direction, concepts and design, hit us up info@afancymess.com.